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Home Buyers – All about Buyers

A home purchase is one of the most significant transactions in your lifetime – it’s important for you to determine how much you can afford, what features you’d like to have, and what type of neighborhood is ideal for your lifestyle.

With the right strategy, proper research and preparation, and an experienced real estate agent at your side, buying a home in Greer, Greenville, Spartanburg, or other desirable communities in Upstate South Carolina will be a seamless experience.

Home Buying Procedure

  • Hire a realtor – Hiring an experienced realtor is the best move you can make as a home buyer. A realtor will make sure you have all the necessary information during the home buying process, and will guide you through every step, helping you avoid potential roadblocks and pitfalls.
  • Searching for homes – Before starting your search, discuss some of your requirements and preferences with your realtor, so they can provide you with listings that match your lifestyle and requirements.
  • Secure financing – One of the most important steps in home buying is to secure financing. Getting preapproved for a mortgage is a smart move – you’ll be better prepared once you find a home you really like. When you’re preapproved, a seller will often prioritize your offer above others that don’t have their financing lined up yet.
  • Making an offer – Once you’re ready to place an offer on a home, your realtor should be able to provide you with the guidance you need in writing the offer.
  • Home inspection – A professional home inspection is one of the typical contingencies in a home sale. The inspector will give you a report that will reveal any underlying issues with the home. If issues are revealed, you can either back out or negotiate the cost of repairs with the seller.
  • Closing – At closing, you will be required to accomplish all necessary paperwork to complete the purchase. It normally takes several days for your loan to be funded after signed paperwork is returned to the lender.

Home Buying Tips

  • Have a list of must-have features ready before you start your search. This will help you zero-in on a home that will fit your lifestyle.
  • Remember to take plenty of photos and videos each time you visit a new house – it can get confusing, especially if you’re looking at a lot of homes.
  • Always consult your realtor and don’t hesitate to ask about anything – they are there to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.
  • Try to avoid getting swayed by upscale features such as automatic window shades or jetted tubs. These are features you may add in the future, maybe even for a more affordable price. Focus on unchangeable features such as location, lot size, and floor plan.

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