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Home Sellers – All about Sellers

Putting your home on the market is never an easy decision to make, but now that you’ve decided to do it, you will want to do it right. Here are some tips on selling a home in South Carolina.

Home Selling Procedure

  1. Choosing a listing agent
    A good listing agent will act as your representative, protect your interests throughout the transaction, and make sure your property gets the exposure it needs. Don’t hesitate to ask your agent for details about your listing agreement such as how long the listing contract is and what the marketing strategy will be.
  2. Pricing your home
    It’s imperative to price your home correctly if you intend to make a quick sale. Overpricing your home could be a costly mistake – overpriced homes don’t get a lot of offers.Your realtor will help you set the right price by looking at comparable properties and recent sales in your neighborhood.
  3. Getting your home ready for a sale
    Clean, declutter, and maximize curb appeal to get your home ready for a sale. Make obvious repairs and depersonalize the space by removing photos and memorabilia, as well as painting the walls a neutral color.
  4. Marketing your home
    Your realtor will create a marketing campaign that includes listing your home on major real estate websites. You might be asked to approve photos, videos, and web copy. You can also help get the word out by announcing that your home is for sale through your own network and on social media.
  5. Showing your home
    You only have a few seconds to make a positive first impression, so you might want to hire a professional staging company to get your home ready for viewings. Protect your privacy by putting away your personal belongings and holding home viewings by appointment only.
  6. Vetting offers
    You’ll start attracting offers if you’ve staged and marketed your home effectively. Vet offers with the help of your agent. Just keep in mind that the highest offer isn’t necessarily the best– other details, such as the buyer’s willingness to release certain contingencies and the speed with which they intend to close the sale, also matter.

Home Selling Tips

When getting your home ready for viewings, it helps to make alternative living plans for yourself, your family, and your pets. This will help you protect your privacy, as well as maintain your daily routine. You might consider booking a hotel room for a few days or weeks, or ask to live with friends and relatives while waiting for the sale to go through.

While decluttering, you may want to donate items that you no longer use, or sell them during a garage sale. Minimizing clutter will help the staging company get your home ready for viewings, as well as make relocating easier for you and your family.

Home Selling Commission

The amount you’ll get from the sale of your home depends on several factors, including:

  • Final sales price
  • Purchase agreement
  • Real estate commission
  • Market conditions

Are you getting your home ready for a sale? Call us, the Pannebaker Team, at (864) 764-9717 or send an email to We look forward to helping you sell your Upcountry home for the best price.